Wandfluh UK Ltd

We are a sister company operating within the Wandfluh AG group.

Wandfluh is recognised as an international market leader in design and manufacture of hydraulic valves and electronic controls systems. It serves a worldwide market through its sister companies and distribution network with products both industrial and mobile equipment.

The Wandfluh name has long been associated for its full range of standard products including Proportional, Directional control, Pressure, Flow control valves in both Mini & Cetop format, there is an ever increasing range of new cartridge products to complement their traditional valves.

Wandfluh's products are used for Industrial, mobile equipment for Agricultural, Forestry, Rail, Construction, Material Handling, Subsea ROVs, Offshore industries including purpose build manifolds/valve packs.

Early Beginnings

Wandfluh UK operation set up in 1992.  The company was expanded in 1998 to new facilities based in Southam, Warwickshire.  In 2005 Trevor Allen took over the UK operation to drive the business forward.

From Past To Present

We extended our factory in 2012 from 400 sqm 1180 sqm, providing more space for both office staff and engineers.   The factory now houses a 3 story advanced stock management system, test rigs and other high tech equipment.

Continued Growth

Growth for the last 8 years of 30% per year taking the company turnover to over £5M.  We continue to invest in modern technology and equipment to maintain and improve efficiency.
Trevor Allen, Managing Directory, Wandfluh UK Ltd
Trevor Allen
Managing Director, Wandfluh UK Ltd

It was people who made the company what it is today, and it is still the people who are playing a decisive part in the company's success...

Handsruedi Wandfluh, Chief Executive Officer, Wandfluh Group
Handsruedi Wandfluh
Chief Executive Officer, Wandfluh Group

Wandfluh is a family company through and through. We aim to solve our customer problems with motivated and dedicated employees

Wandfluh AG, Switzerland

The principle advantage of Wandfluh Worldwide is that they have for many years been able to design and manufacture bespoke valves for Customers' requirements based on their standard range.

Wandfluh's hydraulic valves, solenoids and electronics are designed in house, which gives them greater flexibility to offer a comprehensive range of products including designing of hydraulic integrated manifolds to suit customers' applications where required.