• Digital control electronics
  • Position, pressure, volume flow and flow controller
  • Axis controller with freely adjustable travel profiles
  • For analogue and partly digital measuring systems
  • For utilisation in industrial applications
  • In Europe card format and as snap-on module
  • For driving two or four proportional solenoids
  • Parameterisation by menu-controlled parameterisation and diagnostics software
  • Bus interface (CANopen, Profibus DP) on request
  • Simple and rapid handling
  • Adaptation to customer requirements mostly
  • Short delivery times, even in the case of special versions
Controller Electronics

PASO programming software

Snap on Modules
SD7 Digital Amplifier / Module Controller range

Mobile Electronics
MD2 Digital Amplifier range

Integrated Electronics
DSV – (Digital Smart Valves) range

DIN plug Analogue Amplifier

PASO programming module
SD7 module

Data sheets