Purpose-built test rigs for hydraulics & electronics

At Wandfluh we have two main purpose built test rigs with a wide variety of capabilities. All assemblies are 100% tested to set procedures ensuring all parts shipped work right first time. We have a datalogging device fitted to record pressure, flow and temperature. All testing instrumentation is calibrated to UKAS standards.

Test rig features:

  • Flow feedback on all pressure / return lines
  • Contamination particle reader for reporting oil cleanliness when testing
  • Multiple proportional and on/off valve control in a wide range of voltages
  • Multiple cylinders mounted to rig with linear transducers and pressure gauges to replicate applications
  • Multiple motors mounted to rig with digital tachometers and pressure gauges providing user feedback
  • Plastic work holding area to protect manifold faces from damage

Test rig 1 features:

  • Closed loop control utilising a Wandfluh control card which in turn gives feedback and can record results.
  • Pump 1: 0-100 L/min at 350 Bar variable displacement pump
  • Pump 2: 5L/min at 350 Bar fixed displacement pilot pump
  • Various Cetop interface patterns integrated onto rig for direct testing
  • Proportional card testing

Test rig 2 features:

  • 0-50 L/min at 350 Bar variable displacement pump
  • 5L/min at 350 Bar fixed displacement pilot pump
Test rig 1
Test rig 2

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Are you looking for hydraulic and electronic equipment testing?  Wandfluh UK have two test rigs, calibrated to UKAS standards to record flow, pressure and temperature.

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