Wandfluh products work in this harsh environment - especially on the forest head cutting machines for felling trees. The products used are a combination of Proportional Sol. op Directional control valves and Proportional Pressure reducing valves for clamping the tree during the cutting operation.

The design of the manifolds for these types of system are very compact, they have to be very reliable as they working in areas many miles from civilisation. The information of the trees to be cut and length depends on orders being supplied from the offices and their customer orders such as IKEA etc in the Scandinavia countries.

Some of the functions that we are controlling are the direction and speed of the trees through the machine when it is running. The trees run through the chained tyres so that it can it cut to the appropriate length after it has been stripped of all the Branches. We have to maintain certain pressure during the tree moving so the Proportional pressure reducing valves carry out this function.

It is a real test for the valves as they are placed at the end of the excavator arms on the actual cutting head where it will continually receive shock loading from the stripping of the branches and day to day operations.

Wandfluh products have excelled in this field and proved more reliable than the competition.

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